From the moment of birth, each human being has a unique gift, and Laura's is manifested in the skill of capturing her visions in the art of drawing.

 Since childhood, Laura has experienced a deep connection to the art world, guiding her on a creative journey that encompasses rich diversity.

Her innate talent for design led her to Milan, the fashion capital of the world, where, under the tutelage of renowned fashion illustrator Arturo Elena, Laura refined her technique, giving rise to her own distinctive style.

This unique style led Laura to teach illustration classes at the master's level.

Laura's extensive skills and professional experience in graphic design are evident in her work. Her passion for travel, nature, and cultural diversity, together with her deep roots in design, have germinated into a unique and personal pictorial style. Her creations reflect the emotions of each stage, impregnated with energy, joy of living and personal experiences, giving rise to elegant and bold pieces.

A new stage...

For a decade, Laura has made her mark with XXL canvases, but her new linen canvas collection marks the beginning of an unexplored era. She currently resides in West Cork, Ireland, a coastal backwater in the Wild Atlantic.

This change has represented a transformative adventure, giving her the necessary time to reflect and reconnect with her essence.

ZAMROD · Moths

A collection on linen canvas

Following the law of attraction, Laura materialized her dream by focusing with determination. Abandoning ties, he ventured beyond the borders of Spain.

In West Cork, Laura's fascination with the MOTH, her rebirth, turned into a deep love; an exceptional being that radiates positivity and greatness.

This reminder that life persists, transforms and is renewed.


Symbolism. Transformation proccess:

The transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly is a miraculous process that symbolizes hope and renewal.

The caterpillar, once inside the chrysalis, releases enzymes that decompose its body and reform it.

In this way, it transforms into a magnificent butterfly, a symbol that, even in the most difficult moments, there is always the possibility of change and transformation.

“All of her carries within her the qualities of a beautiful butterfly... so that each of us can transform into something magnificent in order to reach our full potential.”


The collection captures how a burning desire can transform our lives, guiding us towards success.

The artist, ZAMROD, shares how her desire to travel came true through the force of her will. He left behind what was preventing his dream and immersed himself in the adventure.

ZAMROD's new collection, "MOTH" , is inspired by rebirth and renewal.

The paintings in this collection display vivid colors and expressive shapes, creating images that evoke a sense of hope and optimism.

"The tiny caterpillars grow, transforming into jewel-shaped chrysalises, eventually emerging as beautiful painted butterflies."



Desire, a powerful force, alters our mindset and actions,
shaping our lives.

The energy is directed towards achieving the goal, we strive and
we believe more in ourselves.

Thus, we achieve our dreams.

To achieve our goals, the universe provides us with the necessary tools and opportunities. When we vibrate at a high frequency, we attract
more positive energy to our lives.

Be bold, don't give up your dream. You will achieve what you set out to do, like the caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.